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How to keep your mission high in list and get good rating.

By tufferke

This tutorial shows you how to keep your missions high in the list of all missions or missionpacks, so more people will see them.

1. Upload frequently.
With that I mean to upload at the same time, if you can. If you upload at 1.00 AM, no one will be online and no one will see the mission(pack).

2. Upload much.
If you didn't make a storyline, but much missions that follow each other up, Upload them not too fast after each other. Wait till there are at about 5-10 new mission from other people, then upload a new mission. With much you may catch the eye, but you can be on the 2nd page when there are 10 new missions from some other people.

3. Make good descriptions.
When you make good descriptions, people can't wait to try the real mission. If there is nothing, people don't know what to expect. If the mission is titled ''Cops'' and the description is like ''have fun'' then no one except yourself will know what to think of it.

4. Don't abrubtly start or end missions.
With this I mean make good intro's and outro's. When a mission ends with a cutscene saying ''this case was pretty crappy, but we finally solved it'' (when it is a police or detective mission/storyline), people think: we want more of this. But when it says, after shooting the main target, Mission Passed, there is no good outro and there is no good story, unless there's a sequal on it.

5. Make good cutscenes.
If there is talking between people, don't make a cutscene pointing at the sky, or something like that.
Use colours as well (+r+PVT John+w+ Please don't make me laugh, +y+Officer Tenpenny+w+.)(here, PVT John is red and Officer Tenpenneny is yellow), because then you can almost litterly make actors talk.

That is my tutorial on how to keep your missions high in the missionlist, and how to get better ratings on your missions. By Tufferke


Oct 13 '12
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Nov 28 '12


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