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How to photograph an actor as an Objective..?

By Karan55

Suppose you think that you would make a mission in which you would photograph an actor instead of an object ...how will you do it?

Well its very simple ........
1.Create an actor
2.Select objective>Add object>Then select a common object(Eg. Box)>Photograph object
Note:-Put the Box Near The actor and dont put any arrows on the object i.e. Box......the Box should appear as of no importance......(Can also use objects like pool balls)

3. If you are Skilled enough..........then you can even use an invisible object in place of an box

In this way , it would appear as if you have photographed The actor......

To try this......or to see how it works...play my Missions
1.Unfinished Buisness:The Deal
2.The Military Fuels:Part I

You can find both missions on my Profile http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/7701


Mar 29 '14
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Apr 09 '14


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