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How to make your text better

By thealeXander

Hello everyone, I'm here just to show you how to edit your text in missions, adding next:

":" - For talk (example - Grove: Hey, wait!)
"-" - For some words. Like co-operative

First one is ":"
Well first of all... I usually don't like when someone puts "(Guy) Noob." or something like that. (You clould put these, so ignore this)
If you want to your text be Guy: Noob, follow this.
1. Get a Notepad++
2. Open a selected DYOM file, right click and edit with Notepad++
3. (This can be such a pain) Between all those NULNULNULNUL-s Find the text.
Just add : to someone who's talking or, remove (, ) and add :

Next one is "-"

Same for the ":", just add this to text where should be -

Now the colors

Hold CTRL and press Y for yellow. Then you will get yellow text. After you put name like Joppa hold CTRL and press W to get back in the white. It shall look like this:

+y+Joppa+w+ (or +y+Joppa +w+) and make an _ and add text. Then you could follow ":" tutorial.

Now I hope that this tutorial helped you a little bit.

GamingFear096 aka thealeXander


Oct 16 '12
Last Update
Oct 16 '12


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