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How To Make The Same Actor Different Movements

By Brasil Games

This Tutorial Will Answer Thousands Of Questions And I Estavo Me Wondering How To Make The Same Actor 2 Movements Example: This Making An Actor Motion to Stay Seated And Then He stands And Now You Will Know How These Moves!

First You Must Choose the Actor And Choose Where You Go Put it After Pick A Animation For Him! If You Want To Make A Animation after he does this Make The Next Of Your Position In Va And Edit The Actor Actor Actor Putting Hide And Then Put The Same Position On Same Actor Animation With A Different! And Now Ready The Actor He's More Than One Animation Also Works To Change The Type Of Gang Enemy, Neutral, Friend!

Note: To Modify The Actor Like You Said I First Have To Put A Goal For Edits After You With A New Action

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Credits: Nicola


May 28 '14
Last Update
May 28 '14


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