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Some Important Notes to avoid crashing (for v8)

By SK Afridi

Hey Guys How Are you, ofcourse you all are dyom lovers, me too, In the begining i downloaded dyom mod from www.gtagarage.com at that time it was a v6 version, i did'nt knew how to use it, but the time teached me everything and now i am posting a tutorial on the website, that how to use DYOM without crashing.. Lets Begin

*When you are a junior on DYOM, You must use simple GTA SanAndreas, (No Mods i.e Car Mod,Actor Mod,...). Later You Can do it when you gets master.
*when you download (dyom.zip mod file) only put folders (SD,DSL and MPACK) in Documents/GTA SAUser Files/ do not put txt readme files.
*Use Latest CLEO for your latest DYOM.
*In DYOMv8 you can create a 3rd person or 1st person cutscene, most users create em but their game crashes, and they dont know how to fix that problem, it is very simple, when you create a 1st or 3rd person cutscene, do not hide the selected actor in the same mission,
*Some Interiors between 100 and 120 are not working, when you select the your game stops working, i also dont know how to fix it.
*when you create an Objective directly save game, it can help you after game crash or mistake,

one more trick

*If you want your player to be spawned in parachute, dont worry, create gate object (11,12,13) as top as you can, select spawn test vehicle and select helicopter reach the gate you created earlier, hide the gate (Spawn after 0, Hide after 0). and then create another gate object as high as you reach, same procedure for the next one, simontaneously create gates till you reach your target but dont forget hiding them, when you reach the target, select player on the hidden gate, and create a pickup/weapon/parachute in the feet of your player, create any objective on the ground, play the game and enjoy falling in parachute!



Jun 17 '14
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Aug 03 '14


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