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How to make actor shoot at Object[DnW]

By DragonWarrior [DnW]

So A friend of mine was asking how to make a actor shoot at object. Well I know its just common sense. But this will be helpful for newbies.

And remember this will only work with Cutscence.


  • First make up the actor that is shooting at the Object.
  • Second Put up the object. Remember the Object cannot be out of the shooting range of the actor.
  • Then Create another actor behind the object. Make sure the actor behind the object cannot be on the same team as the shooting actor.
    Example: If actor 1 is Friend actor 2 must be Enemy 1 or 2. If actor 1 is Enemy 1 actor 2 should be Enemy 2 or Friend. Neither of the actors can be neutral.
  • Make sure only the shooter has a gun.
  • Both actors should be "Hold Position".

There you go. Enjoy!


Jul 16 '14
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Jul 16 '14


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