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Tips for Lag, Hang and Crash during Editing Your Mission

By nandack

Hello again, I'm Nandack. This is my second tutorial. This tutorial only talk about in-Editing Mode (in DYOM not when playing mission). So, have you (designer with normal pc or even low-spec pc) ever get lag, hang or crash when on DYOM editor? Well, I have. At the first time, I really don't know why it is lagging all the way when I have more than 20 actors or have more than 30 objectives including cutscene. The lag is gone (for awhile) when I change the place to make another objective but that's not help me if I really want to make big amount of cutscene or objective at the same place.

Then, How I fix it? Simple actually. Let me write some informations before finishing this tutorial because, believe me, it is simple actually. So, when you make an actor, the memory of the PC will be taken, just a little amount of memory (bytes maybe). But, when you make an objective, the icon of that objective will be showed on the Radar (It's the circle at the bottom left of the screen with the map). Actually that's the annoying part when you make a mission. Because everytime you add actor or objective then the radar will be refreshed to show up the icons. Well, if you make like 25 objectives or more then when you make another objective your radar will be refreshed again and sometimes the icon on the world will disapear for awhile and will apear again shortly. Now, if you want to make your DYOM editor more faster when making mission then go to the option and Display Settings, and change Radar / map from Blips to become off. That solve the lag problem and even solve the crash when in-editing mode.

Now, how about hanging when in-editing mode? Actually that's just same with above. But, there are some factors that make your editing mode get hanged. For example if you add too many actors. As everybody said that the limit on DYOM is 100 for each of functions. So you can only make 100 Actors, 100 objectives, 100 Objects and also the actor's max routepoints is 100. Because when your routepoints is more than 100 then your gta will not responding.
If you ask me why there should be only 100 each max then I will answer it with simple sentence "I'm not the author of DYOM" but I don't think that this is the bug, I think it's the limitation for Memory Handling of GTA San Andreas as every engine is not perfect and has their own capability. Just the same as when your friendly actor didn't shoot enemy sometimes because it is GTA SA limitation for their AI (read: Artificial Intelligence).

So, when you want to make mission, just remember don't be gready with memory, make some space before spawning a huge number of actors and objects, make some timeout objective for mission handling and don't forget to design your mission properly.

Sorry for my English, I am Indonesian. But thanks for read my tutorial and let's make some missions!
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Jul 20 '14
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Jul 20 '14


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