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How to make a complex race mission (My method)

By ProDX34

This Tutorial is made for making a better experience of race mission. (Worked with DYOM Version above V7)

Hello everyone, I'm ProDX34, the experience designer of race mission. In this time, i'll show you a tutorial how to make an interesting complete race mission which i mostly use in my racing series, if you ever play my racing mission pack (Life with Full Speed), some of you might can be thinking and ask how could possible make a race with 8 drivers, 16 drivers or even 24 drivers in a race? possibility to fail the race when you lose it? and also how you could put the routepoints so perfectly? This tutorial is the answer.

OK, let's get started
Follow the instruction below one by one if you want a better result!

1. Designing Race Map
This is the beginning step before making a race mission, It's necessary to design your own race map first in an empty map of San Andreas using any kind of paint program, be sure it's following with main road which supported with traffic's path, don't too long or too short.
For Example :

2. Routepoints
After you designed your own race map, Now let's head to the DYOM. This is the hardest part to make a race mission (but it could be easier if you know the trick). Add an actor in the start line. then put the route points based on your designed race map, remember, be sure to put it at the middle of the main road which supported with traffic's path and don't put between the routepoints too far or too close, otherwise the driver will drive straightly to the point, not following the road and hit the building repeatedly, if it happens, delete the actors and make another new one and DON'T use "Define New" feature since it would leaving a bug in your mission. Keep doing this until you hit the finish line and be sure to use routepoints as less as possible.

3. Copying the routepoints
After you done making the routepoints perfectly, simply use "Ctrl+P" to copy the routepoints for each different actors. Be lookout when copying the actor, the distance between the actors should not too close since it can ruin your mission.
Here the formula about how much participants you can set for your race based with actor's routepoints :
8 Drivers = 50 Routepoints
16 Drivers = 25 Routepoints
24 Drivers = 15 Routepoints

4. Vehicle
Take a note about this, opponents cars can decide the difficulty of the race, if you put player's car that slower than opponents have, race will become more harder. And make sure you set every opponents car and player's car with an "Explosive Proof" status (You'll know the reason at the last part).

5. Objects
The most important part in making a race. be sure to put it along with your designed race map as interesting as you can. If you want put a ramp in your race, make sure don't put it too high or too sharp, otherwise it will make most of the car flipped easily.
But watch out on this one, try to not use any object that contains many texture, otherwise game will be possibility crashed due of game limit.

6. Countdown Cutscene
Next stop is about the countdown, in my method I called this "Countdown Cutscenes" since it will only use a short of time for game to load the actors simultaneously instead of using only "Countdown" feature in special objective. Simply spawn or add the actors after the cutscenes objective with "skip fading" feature turned off.

7. Checkpoints
The way you put the checkpoints is also important for deciding the difficulty, be sure you put the checkpoints to middle of the road or near the corner as close as possible and make opponents looks like they just "hit" the checkpoints.

8. Finish Line
Now finally, the last part. In this method, you just need only one actor with a "must survive" status, simply put it near the finish line (if you can put in under several feet of finish line, it will be perfect) and then put an explosive barrel (obj : 116) or a missile box (obj : 254) to the middle of the finish line and finally put the last checkpoint after it. Remember to hide the actor and add a cutscene after you hit the finish the line and also set every opponents car and player's car with an "Explosive proof" so that you and opponent's car doesn't explode when hit the finish line.

Important Note!
1. Design your own race map first before making a race mission.
2. Don't put between routepoints too far or too close. Put it on the middle of the main road which supported with traffic's path.
3. The car for the opponents must be faster than player have for deciding the difficulty of race.
4. Don't use "Countdown" feature when you have many participants in your race, use "Countdown Cutscenes"
5. After you hit the finish line, don't forget to hide the "must survive" actor and add a cutscene.

That's the tutorial i can gave for you, if you have a question, feel free to PM me in GTAForums or use comments in my profile. Thanks for viewing my tutorial. :)
Thanks also to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for the amazing modification, DYOM.


Jul 21 '14
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