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Create Unique Mission Packs | Storylines

By John David

Do you enjoy and wish creating amazing mission packs / storylines on your profile and show to people how much efforts did you've put yourself into? Most designers around here are amateurs and doesn't know what to do or how they can use the DYOM efficiently. Well then, this guide will help you in frequent ways.

1.) The key of designing amazing projects like mission pack | storylines is to develop first the storytelling by thinking in your own logical skills patiently. Ask this about yourself on the following question below:

• Who will be the protagonist in the story?
• What is his/her backstory before the main event?
• Where the story will perform first? (Arriving at Ship, Planes, Heli, etc.)
• When will the beginning of the event.
• Which characters do you prefer as friend or foe?
• Known the risks & mistakes during designing.

2.) As a designer? If you prefer multi-designer instead of single? Then that's great! The progress of your work makes it faster to finish up to the whole content. Remember these tips first while designing your projects.

• Take your time.
• Playtest your content until you found out the best result.
• Take a long break when you finished a single content.
• Go outside and try to think or manage the next content.
• Double-check again your content if you're satisfied with the result.

3.) If you are done designing & playing the whole content? It's time for you wrap everything up (meaning "publishing your project") and share this to other people and impress them how much effort that has paid for you. Trust me? You will get an amount of feedbacks & results depend on how the community behaves.

That's all for now! Goodluck & have fun? Designing is an amazing hobby to keep you busy in the world! Show them what you've got.


Mar 16 '15
Last Update
May 24 '21


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