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Take In-Game Screenshot

By John David

Have you ever wonder that taking pictures in-game was an amazing feature using a camera! Sadly, the game has no build-up screenshot without the use of camera for the player. No matter! This guide will help you that you can take screenshots in-game without the use of camera.

1.) There is a MOD called "Amazing Screenshot (Credits by Silent)". The instructions in installing & using this is on the link too. So make sure you read them up before doing anything.

2.) With this MOD, you can take many screenshots as much as you can. You can also use this along in DYOM. And speaking about this? You can take screenshot when you are taking photograph the character's faces, the atmosphere, environment and so on.

That's all! Goodluck designers!


May 11 '15
Last Update
May 24 '21


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