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[NEW] How to Upload Picture on DYOM Profile

By Husnain

Hi guys Welcome to my New Tutorial that how to upload picture on your DYOM Profile

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Ok So Let's start this:
Well there are many website who can upload picture and give their codes (Remember those codes are not use less). I upload my picture and other from Here and you can also upload pictures
without any kind of fill registering form. Go to that website and you can see the website face like this:

Now as you can see the page now lets upload. Click on Upload button and select the picture. After that you will see see screen like this:

Now there you can see the screen. Right there will be many codes you can see. Copy one of them we need.

Copy that code. After copy that Log In in your dyom profile and click on Edit Your Profile on the left corner. After Clicking
that there will be open description box then you have to paste the code on that description box. But remember before the codes use this code See on given below picture

In the middle you left space there you have to paste the picture codes and it will be finished.

Hope you Understand about this. If any problem you got then comment on my profile.


Jul 26 '15
Last Update
Dec 07 '15


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