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How To Make Missions For First Time!!!


Usually Everyone Wants to make their own Good Missions, But They Can't Use The Proper Guide To Use Dyom. In This Case I Would Say that, Don't Think To make The Good Missions First Time,I Am A Dyom User I Also Tried To make Good Miissions But Every Time I failed Because Of This. Suppose You are The NEW COmer OF DYOM.But You Don't Know How To Make Mission With Medium Ratings. In this case, Follow These Steps:
1)Make A Story Or Make Cut-scenes to make players attractive from Beginning
2)Make A Car or Vehicles to go to the Objective (Spawn Vehicles)
3)Make A Objective Near Enter-able Buildings/Locations
4)In The Enter-Able Location choose 5-7 Actors As Enemy
5)Enemy Must Not Hold Bigger Guns Than You Example (Enemy Has Shotgun, But Player Have Pistol)
6)Killing All Enemy Make A pickup or something To Carry (Objective:Pickups)
7)Choose Another Place To Go
8)Make Gunfight There Or Pickups
9)At Last Make A Finishing Objective With a special Cutscene (To make A FINISHING STORY)
10)There U Go!!


Jan 04 '13
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Jun 27 '14


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