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How to add sounds in your mission

By Mafia Games

Hi there, this time I gonna teach you how to add your own sounds (mp3 effects) into some mission. So let's get started!

• Open the DYOM menu by pressing Y, then click on "Mission Menu";
• In Mission Menu, select the option "Show Mission Audio Code";
• At the top side you can see a code - example: SD/CDFR/xx.mp3 -, so memorize that code which was shown;
• Press ALT + TAB, then open the folder located in "Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files";
• In the same path open "SD" and create a new folder, with that code you saw;
• It's that folder you will need to add sounds in your mission;
• Now you made the first procedure, you can either add sounds during objectives or in the entire mission;

* Example: To add a sound in the objetive 32, you must go into the folder (the folder which was created by the mission's audio code), and then put the mp3 file renamed to the objective number you want to add the sound, in this case, 32.

* But if you want to add a sound in which it will play during the mission, then you need to change the name of the sound to "am".

* It's allowed only using sounds with MP3 format, other formats won't work.

Tutorial rewritten in September 15th, 2017.


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