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How to make an interesting story.


Hello, my name is QED and today i will show you how to make an interesting story for an mission/storyline!
First of all, you need an player that fits the story. There are 3 categories:

1.Gang stories, gangster ETC.
If you want a player that will fit very good, it must be a black man (it can be a white man, but it needs to be gangster) Some that is in a gang, a familly or alone.
2. Revenge man, returned ETC.
Well, you must have an serious player (skin 1000, 1011 ETC) that needs to take revenge to the enemy ,
that made him lose something important.
3.Lost in the City/Airplane crash ETC.
In this one the player can be a gangster, normal guy, even a girl! He must be a survivor of the Crash.Also, a no-ruler.

Now, i will tell you some ideas for each category.
1. There is a guy that is part of a hood. That guy has his best friends, name , name and name. He will need money, so he will call his friends for some work. But, you can add something that will change the story, like the police gets him and moves him in other city, one of his friends dies, ETC.
2. The revenger came to a city to send the owned money to a guy. But it was a setup. That guy, has some assasins that we're mananged to kill the player, but the player escapes, without money. Now he must do some jobs for money.
3. The guy ran out of money, so he did illegal jobs for money. He may meet some familiar guys, friends ETC.

Well, that's all for today, hope you enjoyed this tutorial, i will make more later, cya!


Dec 09 '15
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