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How Make a Cutscene With a Actor Shooting

By Mafia Games

Tutorial made by: Mafia Games

My first tutorial in 2016, Yeahhh!!

Hello peoples, today I will teach to you, how make a cutscene, with a actor shooting in other actor!

Please follow these steps:

1 • Press Y, and go to option "Actors";
2 • When the option "Actors" is opened, select to add a Actor;
3 • Configure the actor, put a fire weapon in it, when show the menu, select "Gang", then "Friend";
4 • Ok, we have configured the first actor, this actor will shoot in the cutscene;
5 • Now, we will add the other actor;
6 • Repeat the step 2, in step 3, don't select Friend on Gang, select "Enemy1";
7 • Set the life of the enemy actor, to the mininum;
8 • Ok, now we will make a cutscene, for this select "Objectives>Add Objective>Special Objective Env>Cutscene";
9 • Configure your cutscene, the time, the text.. I recommend 4-5 seconds!

Ok, this is the end of the tutorial, You like this tutorial? Please Rate, Bye!

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Mar 05 '16
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Mar 05 '16


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