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How to make a Drive-By escape mission


Hello everyone! It's me, QED and today i'm showing you How to make an Drive-By escape mission!


Well, first of all you must have an bike, an car or you can also be on foot.

1.Spawn an car with two or four seats, spawn an actor with the animation enter/sit in a car, select the driver seat, then select ,,Attack Player".
2.Spawn an actor near the drive-by car, with the animation enter/sit a car, sellect the front or the others seat, WARNING! DON'T SELECT THE DRIVER SEAT! After you selected the seat, select done.
3. Put a checkpoint as an example to escape the Drive-By guys, by going into it.

This is what you should get:

Two guys, one in the driver seat, one on the front seat that gets out the window and fire bullets on you, you should escape him by going to a checkpoint.

This can be used as a part of a mission.

Another ideas: To win you should kill the drive-by guys by putting an objective actor with ,,Kill all Gang" option ON.

Alright, that's all for today! See ya' later!


Mar 12 '16
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Mar 12 '16


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