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How Create Missions Racing

By Studios Games

Tutorial Of Studios Games(Snowflakes)

Hello friends, today I will teach you how to create racing missions. First of all I want to thank Zizo008 For teaching me a few things with your tutorial text :D

How Create Missions Racing

1nd Add actors and cars in its mission before. (Put animation "Sitting in the car" more boat anywhere, as your player);
2nd Environment your race;
3nd Make a countdown as a cutscene or "countdown", 5 or 3;
4nd (Now the race begins). Will we actors you to stay put in the cars and put them "Hide Actor";
5nd Then do the same thing with the new players only, instead of putting "No" put "Aggressive" and make your route. (check map the end of his race recommend) (PS: Place the actors in "Must Survive" or the car. (more on the player let him invulnerable);
6nd Now, place objects on the route and checkpoints;
7nd Place explosives at the end of the route "To what?" Besides making a nice end, it does as when the actor get there, it exploding just giving failed mission. ("As the mission fails?" It was that, you put it to survive or car).

PS: First of all, put not to have cars on the street.

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I have helped you if any questions, comment on my profile, click here.


Jun 21 '16
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