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Car with coloured arrow rigged to blow


I recently found a new technique for DYOM missions.

If you like creating set-up/betrayal missions, you'll like this.
So, as you see in some missions in the original game or modded mission scripts that you can have multiple Objectives in missions, like e.g Protect Cesar and take out the enemies.
For an example mission from me:
  • For the first Objective create a "Teleport-in-car" Objective, any car,colour whatever you desire.
  • Once your car is set up, select your colour for the car arrow above the vehicle.
  • I usually go for blue as it's the colour of friends/cars.
  • Once completed, 2nd Objective, Teleport (player teleport,not car)
  • Then for the 3rd Objective, add a INVISIBLE checkpoint in the middle of the vehicle.
  • Then go to Objects and go to Explosives. (make sure it's hidden) Making it look like the car was rigged to explode once near.

NOTE: Be carefull, make sure that the explosives will explode not to much near you, or you will die.
Best set Health to MAX.

Then, the next Objective you will need to add a Timout, time: about 3 or 4 seconds.

Say somthing like "It was a trap!!"

OPTIONAL: After the timer goes out make another Objective teleporting the player away from the explosion.

Then make the rest of your mission from there.

DYOM Technique Found: GTAIVFan17

[Video waiting for aproval]


Sep 11 '12
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Oct 18 '12


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