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How to make character switching like GTA 5

By Faizan Alim

Hey after a long time I'm posting a tutorial which is related to character switching yes like GTA 5 but we can't control it it will automatic according to owner created for missions, so let's get started,

Step 1: Decide about main characters whether it will be 2, 3 or more and select their skins guns ......etc

Step 2: create player with one of those character give him a gun let's imagine Combat shotgun

Step 3: after having action of first main character use Player teleport objective to create new character with new skin

Step 4: give him different weapon , and make a actor of your previous character where you left it before

Step 5:make cutscene in behind of your behind of previous character(actor) then make a cutscene in behind of new character(player teleported) and make it smooth

and what you got a character switching stuff use it in your missions or story-line and you can also do it with more character

Example mission: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44209

Note: If you are making your previous character player again then make sure that you hidden his/her actor.

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Sep 04 '16
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Sep 04 '16


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