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Create a Animated Text on your profile

By John David

Hello there! This tutorial will show how to make a Animated Text. Hope this will helps on you!

Some people who join DYOM Site, and created their new account, they want a animated picture or text in their Profile, to make it realistic.
Okay, Here's the steps:

Step 1: Download Xara3d in the website.
Step 2: Install the Xara3d in your PC
Step 3: Open the Xara3d, and Type whatever you like there. Note: Tips will appear.
Step 4: In the Xara3d Click "File" and "Import Animation"
Step 5: Pick all the Animation you've like there to make the text animated.
Last Step: After you you Pick you like the animation, Click "File" and "Export Animation" Note: Don't Click the "Export" the text will not animated.

There you go, you have now a animated text, post it on your Avatar on DYOM Site, or whatever.


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Need some help, send me message or PM me at the GTAForums
Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!


Nov 26 '16
Last Update
Nov 29 '16


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