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Adding Background Sound while playing

By John David

In-Game Mode

Hello! Welcome to my 2nd text tutorial, this will show you how to add sounds while playing your mission, everyone don't know how to add background sounds while playing their mission. So here! Follow my steps:

Make a mission:
First, you need to make a mission that is completed, making a long story for your mission will become more interesting, so anyone can rate and comment just like me.

Adding Background Sound: (In-Game only)
Next, find and click the "Show Missionaudio code" on the DYOM Main Menu, you will see the code folder will give to you, create a folder and rename what the code is given to you like, BOUIR, 5 letters only. Next, if you have a long music/soundtrack, copy and paste it on the folder you've type, and rename it to "am" (Capitals not allowed) called: Ambient Music, this will play the whole mission, it will repeat and repeat until you passed the mission.

Done! see? It's very simple, right.

Out-Game Mode

Now, I've discovered another trick for creating an SD without in-game only

Adding Background Sound: (Out-Game only)
Find your User Files in your Documents, You'll see for DYOM1.dat, and more, next, click one of them and open with Notepad. You'll see the inside of the DYOM1.dat, for some likely corrupt letters, but don't try to edit, or it will crash in-game. You will only find the lSD code only. After you find the code, create a new folder, copy-paste the code you find on the DYOM1.dat, and put your sounds there.

Done! This will be more easier to do than in-game mode.
Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.


Nov 26 '16
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Nov 26 '16


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