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Make your Missions Very Realistic

By John David

Hi! Welcome to my 3rd text tutorial i will show you all. Reading this tutorial when you are guests or users, you can upload your very realistic missions to give more feedbacks and comments like Heisenberg_GR and me.

Okay, Let's get started

Before you start creating missions, you need some of your ideas for your great story of the mission you want. If you have a idea for your mission, start designing it, make sure you choose the good plot. Choosing a good plot will make more interesting and just like a real story.

Placing Player, Actors, Cars, and Objects:
Find a good spot to place player, actors, cars, objects in the area you can, and then try to confirm/check the player where it will start when you play or test your mission, make sure you're game will not crash.

(Note: adding too much Actors, Cars, and Objects will cause bugs)

Text Description Color:
If you're adding text in Objectives, you can color them into purple, red, blue, green, yellow, etc. (Shortcut keys In-game: - CTRL +P for Purple, CTRL + R for Red, CTRL + B for Blue, CTRL + G for Green, and CTRL + Y for Yellow.
Example: Carl, take the +g+machine gun+w+ and smash all the +r+ballas+w+.

Choose the great ending of your mission in the final of the mission.
Example: Finish +r+Thomas+w+.
Also you can add a little idea about the ending depends on your MP/SL.

Uploading Mission and make a Good Description:
When you uploading a mission, take a look first at the time before you upload it, if the time you need like 1:00 AM or PM, it's your own decision to upload mission today or tomorrow.
Next, put a good description or story what is containing of your mission/mission pack, making a good description or story will make people downloaded more for this.

Thank you for reading my 3rd text tutorial. Try this on your home. Have a nice day :)

Check out my Oldest/Newest mission on my profile: [url=http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/19434Click Here[/url]


Nov 26 '16
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Nov 29 '16


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