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DYOM v8.1 Crash Problems

By John David

Hello, Welcome to my 6th text tutorial that i will show you guys, this will allow you to solve the problems of DYOM v8.1. So Follow these steps. Don't skip the others while you're reading.

Using CLEO 4 or new version:
When you're using CLEO 4, make sure you installed them correctly, missing files in CLEO 4 will crash your game when in-game. Try to installed them correctly.

Download DYOM v8.1:
Download DYOM v8.1 Installed them to your GTA SA User Files. Make sure you will not forget the missing files of it.

Solve the problems of DYOM v8.1:
When you're having problems in new version of DYOM, remove all your files on your User Files, make sure you don't remove the other files that important to the game.

Next, remove all your CLEO Scripts, these one of the problems of your game. Just try removing them. Hope it works on you! If you got still some problems. Try to download the latest CLEO 4 :D

Thank you for reading my 6th text tutorial. Have a nice day :D


Nov 26 '16
Last Update
Nov 26 '16


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