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Always make a backup DYOM files

By John David

Hi there! Welcome to my 8th tutorial on my DYOM Profile. Read this carefully.

Some of the Designers have been accident saving their single missions related on their projects. Now. This tutorial will show you to avoid saving your single missions according to your projects. Watch and learn.

Step 1: If you completed the other single missions related to your project. First, you must exit your game.

Step 2: Next, create a new folder and rename what you want, then copy all of your single missions. (Always made backup files before you create a new mission)

Step 3: Done! Continue your work on DYOM!

NOTE: If you accident saving your single mission into your new mission. You'll lose one of them and you won't restore the file again. However if you made a backup files on them. Then as much you like. You won't restart at the beginning to create new single mission related to your projects.

Hope you understand. If you got problems. Feel free to comment at my Profile


Nov 26 '16
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Nov 26 '16


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