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DYOM Mission Making And Preparation


High Profile Mission Making Tutorial
Before Mission
1)Theme- Before Making a Mission Choose A Theme First Example: Theme of 2012,Theme of Agent, Theme Of Racing Mission
2)Story- Think A Good Story Before Making a mission -Example: If You Want a Story About Agent The Story Could Be - James A Retired officer who were killed by Foster......After a few days....
3)Choose Better Locations - Play main game to discover good places.Choose Better Places For Gunfights
4)Choose Attractive Features That you will Add In your mission, Example- 1.Killing Some L.S.P.D officers, 2.Being wanted, 3.Bike Racing
5)If You want gunfights you can add special objects to cover bullets,Add Good Weapons
6)Good Cut scenes-To Make a good mission, Good Cut scenes are greatly needed

After Mission
1)Releasing A mission- If you want to release a mission hurry, When your mission is fully prepared just make a video trailer (Use Fraps Software To Upload A tutorial) before the release, In the video Say when your mission going to be
released,If you want your mission release after 3 days, Then add it to dyom after 3 days. But a Proper Release is a must.
2)Fix Time To Release Your Mission - After 3 days upload your mission when Maximum of Dyom users are online so they can see your mission.Upload screenshot so They can Know what is the main subject of the mission
3)In The Description Desk - Put some descriptions about your story and characters or other features

Doing All These May Make Your Mission Good !!!
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Feb 11 '13
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