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How create good Drive-by mission

By Studios Games

Tutorial Of Studios Games(Snowflakes)

Hello people. New tutorial, about missions drive-by it is difficult to do, even good, more anything impossible, OK? Let's go


1° Create your player and weapon (Recommended: Uzi maximum value)
2° Create vehicles (the player, make use of the maximum of life vehicle)
3° Create enimies (Detail: put headshot-on, so the player easily kill motorcycle people, and weapons, Uzi maximum value)
4° Choose the "Enter the nearest car" or "Sit the nearest car" anim and select the places (put to go in the same place where the player goes, put in slow and enemy1/Stay in position)
5° Create actor to drive your vehicle and put for him to go somewhere (Make it "invincible" in case of a motorcycle)
6° Checkpoints, to add new enemies or to finish the drive-by

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Jan 18 '17
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Apr 09 '18


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