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[DYOM V8.1] How to make a cutscene in the same position

By Trilogy Games

Tutorial made by Trilogy Games.

Wassup niggas? I'm here to teach a tutorial that I myself was looking for in time, and I decided to share it with you. So, pay attention and do this.

1 • Create a cutscene in Objectives / Add Objective / Add Special Objective / Cutscene / Normal.
2 • Select the position of your cutscene.
3 • Add the time of your cutscene.
4 • Press "Enter" after that.
5 • Put the description of your cutscene.
6 • Now comes the time when we duplicate this cutscene in the same position.
7 • Repeat all previous steps, and when you get to the part of adding the position of the cutscene, you press "G". After that you will notice that the cutscene has returned to the previous position.
8 • All done. The tutorial ends here. I hope you have enjoyed it, and have helped you.

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Jan 21 '17
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Jan 21 '17


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