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Introduction of GTAForums

By Aftab Adeel

As you all know, this site of dyom is all about downloading and uploading missions, making comments and rating them.
But there is another website of 'GtaForums' where DYOM has a seperate section, here you can discuss about dyom missions in a better way!
Moreover, there are certain contests, a designers lounge for general chat and a mission showroom where you can find different
DYOM Section of GTAForums
Mission Packs.
Here I will explain some importance for joining GTAForums.

1- Gaining Experience
Every Senior Dyom designer is available on gtaforums. Infact, they are more active on gtaforums as compared to dyom site. You can discuss any type of matter with them. As I said earlier, there is a designers lounge for general chat which helps a lot in gaining experience in making missions.
Here is a link to Dyom Designers Lounge
2- Private Messages
There is an option of private messages on gtaforums where you can talk privately to some designers. Your messages will not be shown to anyone. You can send PMs to senior designers if you want to ask something from them.
3- MOTW Contests
The best thing about GTAForums' dyom section is that here you can take part in contests. MOTW (Mission of The Week) is a weekly contest in which a theme is given by a host. You have to make a mission on that theme. Similarly other designers make their mission as well. A voting poll is made and the mission which gets most votes is the winner.
- The winning missions is pinned on the top of dyom site for a week.
- The winner has to chose the theme of next week.
If you want to know more about MOTW. Check the link below.
4- Mission Showroom
There is a sub-section in the section of dyom where you can find almost every mission pack of dyom from the year 2011 till now. You can make your own topic about your mission pack there.
That helps a lot if you want to explain your mp in a better way.
Here is a link to Mission Showroom section of DYOM.
You can easily Sign Up for GTAForums. There are strict rules of gtaforums that you can't spam and can't use abusive language otherwise you'll get banned from gtaforums.
Join GTAForums Now! To learn DYOM in a better way


Jun 24 '17
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Jun 24 '17


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