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How to make mission with hacking mechanics

By CrisPK

Hi all, maybe some of you was think about making "hack mechanics" into your own mission. While thinking about mission for old MOTW #77 I try to re-create Watch Dogs game into GTA SA engine, and I found really cool replacement for hacking.

How it works? It's simple photographing objects! Camera is replacement for phone, so you can make player hack everthing you need! Let's see a few examples that I use in my mission:

Example 1 "Hacking Car"
1. First you need to give player Camera with a lot of shoots (due to player may miss sometimes hidden object)
2. Put a car in a place you want and think that you want to hack in it. For example you want to trigger alarm. So simply put a small object under the car as an Objective and choose "Photograph Object".
3. When player will take photo of car add sound of car alarm and another objective!

Example 2 "Hacking Soda Machine"
1. First step is the same
2. Second you put a machine object in place you want. Would be good in this would be small corridor or small room so explosion can hit more people.
3. Put another machine object in same place (or small object again) as Objective.
4. After "hacking" it put an explosion in Soda Machine and that's all!

Example 3 "Hacking Traffic"
1. This one is actually not about using camera but you can use it too just for nice effects, you should first make a checkpoint near traffic lights and turn off Cars.
2. After this create cars on street that will drive into each other and make player animation to drive another road around them.
3. Create actors as drives and put a cutscene on traffic lights and for example text "Traffic lights hacked" with short duration.
4. Move cutscene to let player see how cars crash (and for example make enemies that was chasing player drive into traffic too).

Soo as you can see, creativity is your only limit here. You can make player "hack" everything in the game ^^. To see some examples in DYOM you can check out my WATCH_DOGS: Bloody Code mission ;) Have fun!


Sep 03 '17
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Dec 12 '17


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