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How to create a static camera angle out of a cutscene


You might have seen in two of my MPs (V for Vinegar and The Game) that there are some very specific gameplay parts where the camera stays static, like in a cutscene, however player is able to move normally. This is actually a bug that I found and now I'm using for some of my missions, to increase difficulty or just turn the gameplay more appreciable.

First: create an actor where you want to put the central point of view of the cutscene. Might be anywhere you want, but try not to put it in a difficult location.

Second: create a cutscene with the "follow actor" feature, using skip fading necessarily (other features are optional), timing can be whatever you want (00s, 01s, ...). Adjust it the angle you want, always focusing on where the actor you made before will be. After adjusting, set this camera to follow the actor you created in the first step.

Third: hide the actor you created in the first step right after creating this cutscene.

Fourth: add the objective you want the player to follow (kill an actor, go to a checkpoint, etc. Use your imagination).

Fifth: if you want the camera to go back to the normal view, just create a cutscene with random timing/features (might be 00s aswell, rather skid fading and widescreen).

If you want to see an example of how this works in practice, watch this video of a walkthrough made by LnDPro of my pack "V for Vinegar", specifically at the minute 21:48


If you have any questions, send me a reply in my profile.


Nov 20 '17
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Nov 20 '17


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