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Make a Remarkable Experience in DYOM

By Opcode.eXe

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This topic covers some useful and important stuff of DYOM and especially, about GTAFORUMS.
As you all know that DYOM is one of the Best Modification in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Modification History but it does not matter because making script (like this) takes serious amount of effort and peoples are the one who grow it and make it alive. Similarly, DYOM also requires this. Making missions and posting with screenshot is not enough without any background story of it. Peoples are here to play your missions and the one who is more neat wins the competition (means got splendid rates of comments and mission rating).

To spread your missions more in public requires a complete topic in detail mode. Since, there is no way to make a topic in the website then do not worry. We have already solved this problem or i mean we have already establish and implement this progress in GTAFORUMS. GTAFORUMS is the most advance and official website where everyone discuss different aspects of Grand Theft Auto Series. Do not worry. It is free to join. Just join it and become a verified member of this community. We respect everyone in this community and show newbies loyalty. We want everyone to join the website and become a part of verified members. In case, you can't find the exact DYOM forum then Click Here.

-How to make a Mission Topic

Everyone talks in English language there and you may also otherwise, you'll be warn by admins. We want everyone to understand that what is going on right now and it will also help you to understand the situations easily. Making mission topic is fairly easily but decorating it is quite hard and eats much time and effort from you. The more and more you will be sweating, the more and more attention you will attain. Did not understand? Let me tell you in normal way. My words are correct and will be till the end because no one can wrong the correct but wrong can be correct. Always remember to decorate your mission topics by putting a beautiful logo and headers. Try to mention everything about plot and characters with extra note. This will attract more members. The best as a newbie is to look at other people's topic and get some ideas and info from there. Make everything consecutive and formation of fonts in good manners will be good, not to high and not to low. Normal will be good.

-Relations and Feedback

Relation is the most powerful thing in this community. More and more relation with peoples means more and more feedbacks and rating on your missions. To attain this spread love, support and kind words on other people's topics. This will normalize everything. Try not to use abusive words or consequences will not be good. We respect everyone here and we want everyone to follow the rules and regulations. Let me to tell you that you are in the stage of trusted peoples right now and we don't expect these foolish things from you. Always remember that the forum and community respect depends on you. You will make this community better not outsiders. You will teach peoples about this community not outsiders. The outsider want these things from you not you want from them. If you accept this and implement this then you will attain feedbacks, love support and rating for your missions.

-Problems, Rules Regulations and Ideas

Sometimes the street of DYOM forums becomes dark and we can't find the exact and correct reason of this or how it just starts. We found many peoples quitting DYOM like this and come back again bragging their apologizes with them but after this, no one give their interest of him/her. The best thing is to avoid. Most newbies do this mistake as this is their new journey in the adventure and they leave this without understanding anything. We scared that you may also do this in future so, let us to tell you the problems.

  • Fight
  • Misunderstanding
  • Too much talking
  • Lie

    These are the things you have to avoid. We face this many times and we found the solution of this but we can't fix the past now. So, all we can do is now make the future better so, the past will fix automatically. This things often (or 100%) comes from multi-mission packs at a time.

    You will also do this problem. We seen this mistakes even in old and professional designers. So, you must aware of this. A little quote by me:

    "Always complete your first progress and after jump on second one."

    This will come every time while you are having your stay in this community. Cancel current mission packs because running out of ideas or lack of ideas is also a big problem. Because of this, many peoples can't complete their mission packs. We advise you to make at least 8 Missions of your project and then try to make the topic. This rule is very compulsory and it's not prohibited on you. Apply this every time.

    There are many Professional designers in this community and they get a lot of feedbacks and rating only because of their hard work. Besides this, they also use some extra and complex words in their mission's conversation. I am not a Professional Designer but i am also applying this now and this actually works. Making a script of mission's dialogues and place names is the best start from making it in game.

    Remember: Most of the things were related on DYOM forums at GTAFORUMS. If you does not read the Aftab Adeel's topic then you can't understand anything here except the first Paragraph.

    So, this is it. I hope, you have attain some information from this tutorial. If you have any question then visit at my profile. I will try to explain about the things as soon as possible. Bye :)


Nov 22 '17
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Nov 23 '17


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