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Manipulating and Editing Text with Advance Method

By Opcode.eXe


As we all know that DYOM has many features to offer but today, we'll talk about how to edit objective's text without roaming around (in-game) in search of a specific objective's number. We all are well aware of a feature that exports objective's text in your GTA's user file (filename is DYOMTEMP.txt). The function they have introduced is a very essential part of this modification but inaccurate at the same time. Therefore, we will apply a professional by using a software called "Notepad++".


Let's say that Notepad++ is an advance version that possesses capabilities of manipulating any random extension. It was designed in C++ by Notepad Team. There is no reason not to use install this on your computer. (I didn't get any sponsor for this tho). To install it, visit their official website and install it wherever you want.

Advantage and Usage of Notepad++

There are numbers of advantages of Notepad++ but we will talk about only in the field of DYOM. Basically, you can edit every mission of DYOM even it has published tag on it. Open Notepad++ and click on "File" after that click on "Open" and open any file of DYOM Mission such as: DYOM1.dat, DYOM2.dat etc. Open any of these and you will see a page like this:

Yes, I know what you are thinking right now. Indeed, you can change them. You can change the name of SD folder (or any other folder) and also my favourite part is that you can change the extension as well. Pretty cool, isn't? but remember never change the "xx" because it is totally far beyond for you to comprehend as it has pure interaction with SCM coding or if you are a professional SCM coder then you know what it is. There is something more I want to show you that the "text" in the title means any text which means you can also change the dialogues of missions whether those are of your mission or not. To find Dialogues, scroll left to right or you can search the specific text by "CTRL+F". Here:

You can edit these texts at any time. Just remove and edit it with any words you want but remember, after editing the texts you have to open DYOM again (means Start a new game). Text length is also limited just like in-game, if you attempt to go beyond the limitation it will crash your game eventually. Many special characters are not available in-game and similarly, you cannot use those special characters as it will cause your game to crash (special characters: - , # etc).

If you have any question then feel free to ask me, have a nice day!


Nov 23 '17
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