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Creating a cutscene with actual voices

By EJL242000

Note: This is not recommended for use for people who are impatient for this takes a lot of effort
and patience

Programs/Files/Folders needed:
-GTA SA(obviously)
-DYOM v7.0.0 or higher
-CLEO 3(needed by DYOM)
-Program that records voice(comes in MP3 format)(although this can be done outside of your PC(takes a longer operation))
- You may need a converter if recorder does not support MP3 format sound
-An SD folder in GTA SA User Files
-Not necessarily empty.

The Steps:
1. Open DYOM

2.Click Mission Menu then show Misseonada Code(given that a mission is already chosen(with cutscene, of course))

3. Check the five character code.(Let's assume it is ABCDE)

4. In SD folder in User Files, make folder named ABCDE(still assuming).

5. Open the program that records voice.

6. Open game again and check Objective Number of First cutscene.

7. Assuming that the first cutscene is set to make the player say,"You are handsome", record this speech using anyone's voice( of course you have to set a person for a certain character.)

8. Do this for the second cutscene and so on...

9. Organize your recordings and place them all in SD\ABCDE

10. After setting them all, rename the first cutscene recording(You are handsome) in this format: Objective number of cutscene (assuming the objective number is 7, you will place 07(do not forget the 0 if number is ones digit))

11. Make sure the voice timing are perfect to make the cutscenes look good.

12. Rename all voices in the same format(example: Obj. Number 9, it should look like this: 09.mp3

If this works out perfectly, you should also make the other people download the folder, so you should probably place the mission and the sounds in a ZIP/RAR file and instruct the other players to put the file in SD.

For any mistakes in the tutorial, pls. mention in my profile(EJL242000).


Mar 17 '13
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