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Import/Export Text tutorial

By Martin Strada

Import/Export Text tutorial.

If you made some grammar mistakes, then this is your way to export/import text.

Now, when you designed a mission, and you want to edit the objectives text, in-game, press Y, Mission Menu and, Export Objective Texts.

And you have a txt file called DYOMtemp.txt, you must read some important things:

---------= DYOM Objective texts =-------
The first 39 lines of this file should contain the objective texts to be imported.
One line per objective, Maximum 99 characters per line.
* Save your mission before importing texts.
* Lines that are too long will mess up your mission.
* Trailing spaces on a line will make your text invisible in-game.
* Not all characters are supported by the in-game font.

When you edit a text, you have to find in mission menu word called: Import Objective Texts.

And that's all, that's how you can edit some texts, all I can say, good luck with your upcoming MP's and stay tuned for more tutorials! PEACE. :D


Jan 21 '18
Last Update
Jan 25 '18


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