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How to make objects move, fall,...

By xGhostx

Hey guys, I'm gonna make a small tutorial to show you how to make objects move, fall,... to make your mission more exiting, fun! Some of you might know this trick but I can't see any mission using this trick.


Here you go, it's really easy to do, and you don't have to be a pro to do it.

1/ Create the checkpoint that you want the player to reach before spawning the objects.
2/ Then add the object, maybe in the air if you want the object to fall down (maybe fall down to the enemies).
3/ Then create a timeout objective, the time of the timeout will make the object move, fall,... fast or slow (I usually set the timeout to be 1 second.
4/ After you create the timeout, hide the 1st object and add the 2nd object (the 2nd location of the object, must be close to the 1st location).
5/ Then is done, how simple is that. You just continue like that, create the 2nd timeout, add the 3rd object, then hide the 2nd object. Just repeat doing step 2 to step 4 till you got what you want.
That just the basics, use you imagination.


-Don't spawn all the objects in 1 checkpoint. Because when you hide and spawn the objects, you will hide or spawn the wrong one because they are close to each other.
-In step 4, after you add the 2nd object, if you want to hide the 1st one, use edit object to see if that's the right one you one to hide.

Too hard to understand? Check this video tutorial:


Sep 12 '12
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Sep 12 '12


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