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How to create a Table and Table 'White'

By DennysCute99

Tutorial made by: DennysCute99

Hello people! Today I will show you how to create a table for your profile! And I will also show how to create the white table

This is my table where, I work my projects but remember and just an example!


Universe THE FALL OF MICHAELRelease DateStatus
THE FALL OF MICHAEL: Liberty CityFall 2019/2020W.I.P
THE FALL OF MICHAEL: Steel SpringFall 2019/2020W.I.P

DennysCute99 projects

These are the 'Tables'.

  • 1. Follow the steps well, otherwise the table will not work.
  • 2. Here below you find all the codes to build your table.


You only have to do one thing now. Copy the code and paste it on your profile! :)

[ table ]
[ tr ][ th ]*Mission Pack and StoryLine[ /th ][ th ]*Status[ /th ][ th ]*Release Date[ /th ]
[ tr ][ td ]*MP Your Name[ /td ][ td ]*50% is Done[ /td ][ td ]2018[ /td ][ /tr ]
[ tr ][ td ]*SL Your Name[ /td ][ td ]*75% is Done[ /td ][ td ]2018[ /td ][ /tr ]
[ tr ][ td ]*MP Your Name[ /td ][ td ]*100% is Done[ /td ][ td ]Completed[ /td ][ /tr ]
[ tr ][ td ]*SL Your Name[ /td ][ td ]*5% is Done[ /td ][ td ]2018[ /td ][ /tr ]
[ /table ]

EXTRA: If you want add more one mission, put theses BBcodes, before [ /table ]:

[ tr ][ td ]*Write here the name of MP[ /td ][ td ]*Write of the Status[ /td ][ td ]*Write here of Release Date[ /td ][ /tr ]

NOTE: I pressed space to make this tutorial, you can't press space, if you press Space, this table dont work.

If something went wrong, comment on my DYOM profile.

Thanks for viewing the tutorial and reading the description and see you with an upcoming tutorial! Goodbye! Please Rate. Goodbye! :)


Apr 15 '18
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Jun 20 '18


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