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how to get sounds from a video downloaded to .mp3 format

By spyderblack66

programs needed camtasia studio 8 and have SD folder created in gta sa userfiles

download videos from https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/es/mp3-converter

camtasia 8 video editor and audio editor https://camtasia-studio.uptodown.com/windows/descargar/47692

after those steps and to see downloaded camtasia 8 and the video becomes audio that has to be converted to .mp3 is the only one that makes it compatible to dyom

we drag the audio
we drag the audio to the first part

remember select all that part so leave a single part of the audio and give it to delete

search first before saving the audio click double click and copy that text containing 5 letters

create new folder and put the code

the last piece that they left give him to save audio as sorry I'm spanish that's why he looks like this

save to 01 means the target where they want to have sound for example the audio numbers must be 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 and the others can have the numbers that are these include 0 only if they are with a number

Now you can make them speak the music I recommend creating it only one for each mission you should say am in .mp3 format "am.mp3"

If you see blurred the letters or the image, use the google zoom



Apr 21 '18
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Oct 07 '18


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