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15 TIPS to make a good SL/MP



Here are 15 tips to make a successful MP/SL.

1.First you have to plan the whole thing before you start making it,not just creating missions as the MP/SL goes.

2.After planning what you do start making it carefully and cost it time,doing missions quickly might result in a weak design. So don't work at the pressure of time!

3.Do not focus only on action.

4.The backstory of the game must make sense, too.

5.Find an attractive name for the MP / SL

6.Characters must be organised. There must be a protagonist,an antagonist and other supporting characters.

7.Don't just eliminate the antagonist on the beginning and create others.A nice MP/SL must have a main antagonist.

8.Be creative with objects,cars and actors,use them to create new atmosphere of the game.

9.Missions shouldn't be too short,though you can make the first one as somekind of introduction.

10.Try making the MP/SL somewhere other than.... Ganton.... (uhh)

11.Not necessary this one,but you can also add sounds to the SD folder.

12.If a mission involves shootouts, try to make the enemy/ies tougher with the headshot option, health and accuracy adjusted. (don't make everyone with same settings and weapons,it would be boring)

13.Don't make the missions impossible.

14.Use as many DYOM features as you can during this MP (such as time limit,different objectives,etc...) but don't use them to make a mission senseless!

15.Don't make missions like these : "Sup man,I give you a job. Go do this", and don't just make missions with shootouts. Also involve other points of missions.

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