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How to make a READ-ONLY mission pack


Here's some steps to create a Mission Pack with Read-Only missions.
First, you'll need to design these missions,then...,well here's the steps.

1.Design a mission of your choice
2.Via the DYOM menu,go to Mission Menu
3.Load your desired missions
4.After your mission is loaded,enter the Mission menu again.
5.Use the Publish Mission option
6.Upload the Mission here on dyom website.
7.Redownload the mission. It is now read-only.
8.Do the same for other missions.
9.After the DYOM missions menu is filled,create a new folder
10.Name the folder anything you want.
11.Put the DYOM files (DYOM1.dat,DYOM2.dat,DYOM3.dat etc...) in the folder
12.Now you've created an "act" or a "chapter"
13.Do the same for the other "act" or "chapter"
14.Upload it here.

If you still can't understand,then here's how we do it.

I make a mission and then publish it as a read-only (DYOM0.dat) file.
Then another one,then another one,then another one...
and redownload these missions. As I said,they're Read Only.
I make a new folder and name it anything I want,like Chapter 1,or Act 1
I put the Read only missions there. To do another Chapter,publish the mission files first in DYOM,and then make another folder like Chapter 2, or Act 2. And put your desired read-only missions there.



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