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Create an explosive actor

By Zohair Irani

Hi guys. This is my first text tutorial in DYOM . Recently I just hit upon an idea and I wish to share it with you. It was meant for Tomb Raider, but the 100 objects limit refrains me from doing so as a large number of objects has already been used for platforming.
But I will be glad if I see it in any of your missions.

Description: : This is specially effective for war type/ secret agent type / squad type / zombie type /fantasy type mission packs.

Here, I am talking about the villain who is trapped in the terrace of any apartment, building etc(Though it should be in exterior, not interior.).He will threaten you that he has worn a jacket embedded with bombs and will explode if you kill him .(You can actually make it possible.)Even in fantasy type mission packs, the fantasy villain can be made using this method. He will shoot from one position and after killing him, he explodes off.

Procedure :
  • First add his threatening dialogues by whatsoever method you want. (Like timeout, or remote car explosion, or by having die animation of remote objective actor.)

  • Add the objective of killing the boss.

  • After this objective, spawn 'explosion objects' all over that terrace / closed area.
    Done !

  • So as soon as you kill the actor, explosion objects will spawn and it will seem like the bombs embedded to him have blast off.

Method of elimination :The only way to kill the actor without dying is to get away from that place and killing him by long range weapon (Like m4 or rifles) or even rocket launcher.

Note:Also make sure the actor cant escape that area by using blockades otherwise he could follow you and wherever you kill him, only that blocked area would blast and that would look weird.

Thank you for reading this tutorial. I would be glad if it would be used in any of your missions. Also do not forget to rate it and if you want to give some suggestions about it, feel free to post it on my wall.


Apr 20 '13
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Apr 21 '13


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