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How to teleport player without replacing health and weapon

By toriality

As you probably know, when we use the Teleport objective, we have to select a Health level and Weapon for our player. Sometimes it is good, because makes the mission a bit more easier, but we should have an option to "keep current health" to make things more realistic.

To teleport a player to a certain place and still keep his current health level and weapons/ammo, you can use the Player Animation objective. Follow these steps:

1- Go to Objectives > Add Objective > Special Player Objective > Player Animation
2- Select the animation "Multiple Locations"
-- With this animation, you can select one or more locations that DYOM will ramdomly place the player. If you only select a single place, it will aways spawn the player in that location - and this is what we want to achieve.
-- Remember that, before pressing N, stay in the right angle where you want the player to be.
-- If, for some reason, you want to add more teleport options to the player, you can do it pressing N in other locations, but remember that the angle will aways be the same as defined in the first N position
3- Now you need to place a cutscene in order to the Player Animation to work, we can make a 0 second cutscene.
-- Add objective > Special Env. > Cutscene
-- You can choose static or player 3rd person, whatever you prefer, but since it's 0 second cutscene, nobody won't even notice it

And there it is, you can now teleport your player anywhere without refreshing its health level and ammo!


Dec 10 '21
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Dec 10 '21


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