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How to work on a mission like a pro and choose a good story?

By TakerLIVE

Many new users when start to make DYOM missions face one very common problem and that is that they don't know how to make missions efficiently and choose a good story/topic to make the mission on, so in this tutorial I will teach you that only!:)


1. You have to start thinking about what you are going to make? Whether it is going to be one mission or a whole series of mission? This is very important to decide at first because it what your story depends on.
2. Then start working on the main story. Just think what will the story be, who and how will the main character be?
3.. Now you have to choose a good topic for mission, you may choose something usual like revenge, gangwar etc. or something like how a good familyman or a bussinessman gets troubled into some dangerous stuff and then the story continues.
You can get inspired by any films or story and then continue with making a mission story based on that.
you can even continue any other designer's mission by giving it new turns and twists but only by the permission of that designer.
4. Now you are all set to work on the mission as you have got the mission story but still you have to think during making the mission that you don't get off the story track while making the mission. You may even want to make some sorts of changes to the story as suitable, but don't make such big changes that change the whole story, as that would make the mission designing work more and more difficult for you.
5. Now after you have created the mission you have to make sure if it works the way you want or not and then present it to the world.
6. *ADDITIONAL* You may want to upload your mission on both gtagarage and DYOM website and do other steps to make your mission more famous.



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