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How to make your mission epic

By NexusUndead

Hello everybody. Since 2013, there were some good beginners, and some bad. This guide is for those, who just started or wants to learn something new.

Just try to follow these steps and you should be in the right direction!

#1 Use an entertaining mission name:
Whan people make missions, [including me] they usually forget good mission names that makes them attractive. For example: you have a car race. There are tons of ways to name your mission:

Car Race
Drift Race
Impossible Race

#2 Make the mission nor short, nor long:
You are making a mission, and you are thinking about making a long mission. Keep the balance! Keep it normal (about 20-40 objectives) this will make your mission not to be boring because of the longness.
#3 Have fun designing!
If you are making missions day after day, day after day.. it's just so boring, that you want to kill yourself. Making missions should be fun, a hobby, not a daily routine.

#4 Make a topic in GTAForums:
Missions published in DYOM website wont get alot of attention. Create a topic in
Mission seaction request some GFX in GFX section, think of your own story, put in your GFX into the topic, add characters, trailer! Make the topic attractive, add tables. You can download table code generator here (Thanks to Barguast). Listen to people and try to improve!

Thank you all for your attention, Nexus signing off.


Jun 19 '13
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Jun 19 '13


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