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How to Make Epic "Racing" Mission ?

By uShield

Hey guys, uShield Cinema here. Lets get into making the "Racing" mission, shall we ?


So for the introduction it should start with a simple cutscene showing the cars. If you have story you will first need to think about everything and start your way.


Okay, you have your Introduction done. Now it's time for the enemy(-ies). If you car is very fast (Infernus) the race will be too easy and boring. Make sure your car is slower than your enemies one. Make sure the routepoints are placed correctly, It's not fun racing whan the other racer is just driving into the wall.


Sometimes it's just a plain road. You should add something intresting, like explosive barrells, etc..


Your mission should have action. Lets say you're starting a race, you keep driving, and on the next corner there is police just chillin'. They start a pursuit and you need to watch out from cops, and the racer.


Some people have made examples, you can download them below:

Race 4 Life - By Zizo008


Jul 20 '13
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Jul 20 '13


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