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Colour text in DYOM mission

By AnDReJ98

This is tutorial which will show you how to get your text colored with more colors.
These colors down are primary colors that almost everyone know.
Primary colors:

+b+ - Blue
+r+ - Red
+g+ - Green
+p+ - Purple
+w+ - White

For newcomers and people who still don't know how to colour text in mission also can learn from here.
While are you writing text in objective,to colour it just press Ctrl + r. After that you must press Ctrl + w to close colour line.
It should looks like this:

But when you test the mission it would looks like this:

Red color is just an example,you can use many other colors,look at 'Primary colors' chapter to know Primary colors.
New colors:

This feature you can use to make more colors in you text. It's +h+,new line.

And this above will looks like this:

Adding more +h+ the color is more lighter!
Download this mission to see the result in-game.


Sep 17 '12
Last Update
Sep 17 '12


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