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Put Pictures On Your Profile

By FRArom

Begins with you register on the site imageshack this site allows you to send images over and see your image or link to this size.

We start by going to Media Upload and Browse. Choose the image you want to send and then click on'' host'' now

After you go to the My Images tab and you should see your image.

Click Share it (the small round with i side of the image).

A page opens with several address of your image (which corresponds to the size of your image).

For DYOM site , the link with writing forum side. (the second link).

Makes a copy/paste this link.

DYOM goes on, click Edit Your Profile and added to the description of the link to your profile image and click on Change.

Normally an image will show when you or someone goes on your profile page like this.


Aug 20 '13
Last Update
Dec 21 '13


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