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Storyline Creater

By TakerLIVE

Hello friends I have seen many people have had problems with this and I was also one of them, and so I decided to make a tutorial on this. The topic of this tutorial is Storyline Creating . Well it may sound very much simple to you at the first thought but is not as simple as it seems!

Now let me tell you, after you are done with the normal mission creating and all, comes to moving to the next level and creating something better and bigger. And in today's DYOM the most awarding thing is creating a"DYOM Storyline". It is something that gets you all, name and fame (some people who got to the next level are likes LeonCJ etc.).

But as it may sound to you like good, I have to make missions and it is done...nope!actually making a storyline is a much more complex process than anything else! But I believe that once you would read this tutorial, you would get the basic idea and process to create a storyline and proceed with something bigger. So lets now move one to the steps:-

1> First thing you have to do is think of the story and all, your characters, how many parts the storyline will have etc. You may even want to write a synopsis before you move on to creating the missions.

2> Now that you are final with your story you have to get on to making the missions and do that quick, you just don't have to spend hours & hours creating one or two missions when it comes to the DSL- DYOM Storyline. And that is because you have to create many and many missions for completing your storyline and you just, just cannot spend too much time on particular missions because that would make you take months for creating your storyline! So just make the missions nice and good with twists and turns, maintaining the quality but not taking too much of time. (this can be hard!)

3> While creating the missions you also have to make sure that they connect to each others in the storyline. You just have to be one to the plot and the rest will be done itself.

4> Now I know if you are creating many missions in your DSL then you must have created a different folder for it. Just making sure you do!

5> Now after you have completed the making of all the missions and everything, you have to make up with the storyline. Decide which mission will be the Intro, which will be the Outro, which missions will come in which sequence and all.

6> You can see the options in the Storyline menu so you can do those little steps.

7> Then you have to make the storyline icons and all in the game (I don't know if I am using the correct term but at least you can see and do those things. You can use the icons present in the game from the start or you can create your own and tell the users to replace.

8> After your storyline is totally complete, you just create a short but relevent README file and you are ready to go!!

Just submit the Storyline on the http://dyom.gtagames.nl website and the http://gtagarage.com and gain the fame.

**I hope this tutorial helps ;)


Sep 18 '12
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Sep 18 '12


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