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How to make a mission!

By MouseRHD

1. Open gta-sa.exe and select Design Your Own Mission.
2. When you enter to DYOM World, press "h" to enter the DYOM Menu.
3. Choose from the menu "Mission Menu" then select "New Mission".
4. You are now ready to make a mission.( Let's Start.)
5. Open again the "DYOM Menu" and select "Objects,Cars or Objectives, choose what ever you want."
Destroying A Vehicle:
Root: "Objectives/Add Objective/Add Car(Choose The Car You Like)/Press Y(If you see a text up in the window that say's press Y for (Car Menu)/Choose Car Health/Must Destroy(Choose 'Yes')".
You added a car objective, now to test it press 'h' to get into DYOM Menu.After you get to the DYOM Menu choose 'Mission Menu'/-Save Mission, then you will save your mission after you did that go to DYOM Menu/ Mission Menu and choose play mission!".
Have Fun ;)
Note: if you have any problem just ask me + also check GTAFORUMS.com & don't forget to check other people Tutorials

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