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How to Use Train in a Mission

By Faizan Alim

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So you wanna do missions involving the train, but DYOM doesn't allow you to make routes with the train/ in the menu?
No big deal! You can use the train that circles SA and spawns before train stations.

1. Make a teleport objective somewhere you can jump on the train.
2. Tell the player to wait for the train with using Timeout.
3. Make an invisible checkpoint somewhere on the tracks, preferrably a large one.
4. Make cutscenes, objectives etc...

The bad sides to this trick are these though:
1. You have to wait for the train, which can take a lot of time sometimes.
2. Worse is that the player can be slided off the train at the tunnel openings, and because there are a lot of them, only open areas can be used for this. This can be avoided though, if a Freighter train spawns.

This trick also works for the tram in San Fierro.

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Sep 05 '13
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Sep 05 '13


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