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Race Missions-[Easy way]-[2 Mods]

By DragonWarrior [DnW]


Welcome back guys. In this Tutorial you will learn how to make Race Missions in my way easily. I'm making a race between the Player and a opponent in this Tutorial, you can use as many as Actors you want. There are 2 mods 'Just a Race' and 'Death Race' mod, in 'Just a Race mod you are just racing with your Opponent(s) but in 'Death Race' Mod each and every racer will be shooting at each other.

Let's Begin

1. Just a Race

I. First of all you must Teleport the Player to a car then add a car to the opponent and add the actor, set the animation to Sit in the Nearest Car then set the route.
>The Actor and the car must spawn after the Player telported to the car.
>Actor Driver must be a Friend.

II. Add friendly actors who Must Survive at the end of the Oppenent's Route.
>If you are using more than 1 opponents put Must Survive actors along the whole road at the end of the routes.
>You can use Explotion Barrels instead of Must Survive actors, but it isn't nice, right?

III. Lastly, hit the road.

2. Death Race

I. Follow Step I on 'Just a Race' mod.

II. Add enemy actor with a gun on the opponent's Car's Front Passenger Seat.
>You can use back seats as well.

III. Add friendly actor near Player's Car and set the animation to Follow Player.
>If more than 1 opponents are used, set the gunners animation as Sit in Nearest Car in a passenger seat.

IV. Follow Step II on 'Just a Race' mod.

V. Follow step III on 'Just a Race' mod.


I. Remember in all mods all actors who are in the Driving Seat must be friendly actors.

II. You can use as many as opponents you want following a method.

III. Use must Survive for Driver Actor if you are using Explotion Barrels instead of Actors.

IV. After player reaches the last Checkpoint better hide the Must Survive Actors.

V. Remember to put a Countdown after step I.

Spcial Note

Guys I used to be VergilDD I changed my username. I hope you guys remember me. ;) Thank you for viewing my Text Tutorial.

Special Thanks

Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for making DYOM.
DragonWarrior [DnW] for making this Tutorial. :P

This Tutorial was made by DragonWarrior [DnW]. ;)


Sep 06 '13
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